The Wild Card Laugh

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Laughter FIT has been meeting every Saturday for nearly seven years, including the two pandemic years online. Like many a club around the world, we have become a strong and loyal core group; a family of laughers of all ages that are drawn together with our love of laughter and quest for wellness.

One of the ties that bind us together as a group is Wild Card Laughter. Wild Card means that anyone is welcome to interject at any time during a club meeting and lead a Wild Card exercise And by any time, I mean, any time!

The Wild Card Laugh began one St. Patrick’s Day when we celebrated with a ‘Guiness’ cheers’ laugh. It was celebratory and fun, and it stuck. I welcomed all of our Laughletes to lead the ‘Guinness’ laugh whenever they felt like it. This gave them the opportunity to lead, share their laughter voice and feel the indescribable feeling of leading people into laughter. One might think this would have created mayhem in the group. Quite the opposite. It just created more fun and anticipation.

Laughter FIT’s Wild Card Laugh has expanded beyond the ‘Guiness,’ which is now more commonly ‘Cheers.’ We also use, ‘You’ll be fine’ with a sweeping down hand motion, ‘One more thing,’ which we borrowed from Albert Nerenberg (he shared this with us when he attended one of our events), and the latest one, ‘Would you like to ride my camel?,’ which was inspired by Marnix Bosscher while he was living in Egypt.

Wild Card laughs are creative, tons of fun, energy building and empowering. They weave in and out from session to session, providing a strong sense of continuity. We highly encourage you to look out for those unique laughter moments when the opportunity arises to create your own Wild Card laughs. Let us know what you discover!

Published in Laughter Yoga Ontario Magazine, April, 2022