Laughter FIT

Everybody can laugh. But somewhere along the road to adulthood we get bogged down with life and forget to. Laughter FIT is the place to reconnect with your laughter!


Laughter FIT has been meeting weekly for over six years at Meta 1111 in Montreal, and online during the pandemic. We combine Laughter Yoga with Laughercize, a splash of improv, and the breath of traditional yoga. Practiced either sitting or standing, this interactive exercise is done at your own comfort level. You are welcome to laugh loudly or quietly, smile as small or as wide as you like.

It is an accessible activity for all ages and abilities. Our warm family of Laughletes welcome newcomers with open arms, local and international. Laughing unconditionally can be challenging at first, but we are here to help you feel at ease so you can laugh freely.

Wendy’s note: After leading a weekly Laughter class for six years, my abs are stronger and my spirit is brighter. I knew it would be fun, but I didn’t anticipate the joy that I would receive week after week from guiding people into laughter. Their smiles and glowing faces at times overwhelm me with joy, and I feel quite blessed to have this privilege. 

How does it

A typical Laughter FIT class begins with mindful breathing techniques to prepare your body for belly laughter. Before you know it, you’ll be laughing!

The primary goal? To HAVE FUN and forget your worries for an hour.

Each Laughter FIT session introduces different exercises and is themed according to the time of year, holiday, universal issues, personal experiences, or just plain fun ideas. Since laughter is a mirroring behaviour, contagiousness often ensues. It’s hard not to laugh when faced with someone who is laughing!

The experience concludes with a laughter meditation and/or relaxation, which is your time to seal the energy of the laughter inside and take note of how you feel.

Real People.
Real Stories.